Worker's Comp Benefits

Worker’s Compensation Awards

If you’ve been injured on the job, you have a lot of questions that need prompt answers. Contact Niedner Law for honest answers and professional assistance with your worker’s compensation case. 

Your questions may include:
  • Who will pay for your medical care? 
  • How will you pay your bills if you’re off work for any period of time? 
  • Is your employer or their insurer required to aid you? If so, to what degree?
Insurance companies are highly motivated to make judgments that favor their interests, not yours.Our attorneys will make sure you receive all the benefits and awards you’re entitled to under Missouri injury law.

Help with Worker’s Compensation Claims

  • Assessing the value of your work injury law case
  • Collecting past due benefits and survivor’s loss benefits
  • Ensuring you receive fair – and full – compensation
  • Filing worker's compensation claims
  • Negotiating injury law settlements
  • Regaining your job upon recovery
  • Providing legal advice for disability claims
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