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What Type of Attorney Do You Need in St. Peters MO? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Niedner Law we have every type of attorney service that you could need in St. Peters MO and the surrounding areas. From a general attorney to help answer legal questions and reviewing contracts to a drunk driving attorney and criminal defense law attorney, we have a solution. Many times, you find yourself embroiled in a civil case and are unsure how you will approach the case, the expertise of our civil litigation lawyer can prove to be valuable. Our family law attorney is a divorce & spousal support lawyer expert as well as a child custody & support lawyer and an adoption attorney!  

Our Practice
We are a full-service practice that has been providing valuable legal services to the citizens of St. Peters MO and the surrounding areas for over 75 years. At Niedner Law our practice is considered a full-service practice because we have a range of attorney that offers specialized legal support. Each of our attorneys are specialists and can provide you with support for all your legal needs. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys including:
  • DUI / DWI Defense Law Attorney
Personal Injury Attorneys including:
  • Medical Malpractice Law Attorney
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Law Attorney
  • Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
  • Slip and Fall Accident Injury Attorney
  • Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
  • Wrongful Death Law Attorney
  • Worker's Compensation Law Attorney
Other Specialized Legal Experts including:
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Lawyers/attorneys that offer other specialized legal support 
In other words, if you need a good attorney for any type of legal action, there is a very strong possibility that we have the lawyer that will provide you with the expert legal support that you need. Contact us to learn how we can provide you with the legal support you need. 
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