Civil law

Aggressive Civil Law Services

If you’re the aggrieved party in a dispute with another individual or group, you may be due compensation. To discuss your legal options, contact the trustworthy and aggressive civil litigation attorneys at Niedner Law.

As opposed to seeking recourse on your own, pursuing the recovery of losses and damages with the help of an experienced attorney can actually save you time and money. Just a letter or phone call from one of our civil law attorneys can resolve the problem successfully. 

Some of the cases we handle require negotiations on the client’s behalf to win compensation and avoid a trial. 

Despite the best of efforts, some disputes proceed to the courtroom. In those complex, emotional, and high-stakes financial cases, our dedicated and determined litigators will advocate on your behalf to achieve a beneficial solution for you.

Representing Your Civil Litigation Matters

Count on our seasoned legal staff for services pertaining to:
  • Breach of contract disputes 
  • Business-related disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Consumer claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Other civil law disputes

Jayson Lenox
Jayson Lenox
Jennifer Kawicki
Jennifer Kawicki
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